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The Owlet Cam will launch in Australia late May.

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Know Your
Baby is Okay

Tracks Heart Rate and Oxygen Levels

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Calm & Confident Parenting

As parents, we understand the joy, excitement and challenges that come from having a new baby. We can help you survive and thrive with proactive insights into your baby’s wellness.

Track Heart Rate &
Oxygen Levels

Check on baby without disturbing their sleep. The Owlet Smart Sock tracks heart and oxygen levels and sends real-time insights to your phone. It also includes a base station which glows green to reassure you baby is okay but will notify you if heart rate and oxygen levels leave preset zones.

See Trended Sleep Data

Sleep is critical to your infant’s overall wellness, mood and development. By tracking baby's heart rate and movement we can provide insights into totals hours slept, awake times and a breakdown of light vs. deep sleep. Use this data to help create routines and develop healthy sleep habits for your baby.

Receive Proactive Notifications

Knowing what your baby needs and when they need it is a cause for stress and anxiety with most new parents. The Smart Sock will notify if we sense your baby needs your attention but will also keep you informed with weekly milestones and tips based on your baby’s age.

Historical Trends & Insights

We help you understand what your baby can’t say. See trended history of your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. Make decisions based on data and chart a course for proper development. Log notes to record progress and share visual snapshots with your friends, family or doctor.

"This smart monitor actually helps you reclaim hours of much-needed sleep"

- What to Expect, Best Baby Monitor 2017

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A Smart & Healthy Start
to Parenting

We believe insights can help parents be proactive about their baby’s health and provide care based on trends and data.
We help by:


Creating accurate and reliable products empower parents with insights into the health and well-being of their infant in the home.


Educating parents on safe, healthy sleep practices and other ways to improve their baby's overall wellness.


Partnering with foundations and researchers to raise awareness around infant health issues and improve wellness.

OWLET CAM will launch in Australia in late May 2019.