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Know your Baby
is Okay

Track your infant's heart rate and
oxygen levels while they sleep.


Founded by Parents

We create products to tell you what your baby can't.

A Better Way to Know

We understand what it's like to hover over the crib at night. That's why we invented the Owlet Smart Sock. It's a better way to check on your baby and smarter way to know they're okay.

Knowing is Best

Every Beat. Every Breath.

The Owlet Smart Sock tracks heart rate and oxygen levels and notifies you in real-time if something appears to be wrong.

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Sleep-related risks are highest during the first year of life. We believe we can help parents by:


Creating products to give better insights into the health and well-being of infants in the home.


Educating parents on safe sleep practices and other ways to raise healthy babies.


Partnering with foundations and researchers to raise awareness around infant health issues.

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