7 Unforgettable Pregnancy Milestones

7 Unforgettable Pregnancy Milestones

Pregnancy is an exciting time. From your first positive test, to your first push, here are seven unforgettable pregnancy milestones:

1. The Positive Test

This is the first moment where your pregnancy starts to feel “real.” And telling your partner is also a fun component of this milestone. Some women choose an elaborate way, and others might just come out of the bathroom with the positive test in hand. But however, you and your partner find out is an exciting and unforgettable moment!

2. The First Pregnancy Symptoms

While this may not be the most celebratory item on the list, the first pregnancy symptoms are definitely a milestone. Whether it’s developing a heightened sense of smell, experiencing morning sickness or feeling better than you ever have before (which I’ve been told happens sometimes), you’ll find yourself feeling a greater connection to your pregnancy.

3. The First Heartbeat/Ultrasound

There is nothing quite like hearing your child’s heartbeat for the first time and seeing her little form moving around on screen during an ultrasound. These moments are so precious and life-changing. And with all of the technology we have at our fingertips, these unforgettable moments can be documented in real-time.

4. Telling the World

Speaking of technology… social media is a great way to help you tell the world you’re pregnant. This can be especially effective if you live away from family and loved ones, and can create a sense of interconnectedness. Plus, it’s just fun to be at a place in your pregnancy where you’re ready to tell the world you’re having a baby.

5. The Gender Reveal

This might happen at your 20-week ultrasound, or when the baby makes her debut. Either way, finding out the gender of your baby is a huge milestone. If you choose to find out before the baby is born, there are also many ways to reveal it to the world. Maybe a gender reveal party is totally your thing, or maybe it’s just sending out a group text to your people. And maybe the reveal happens when your doctor or midwife declares, “It’s a girl/boy!” Regardless, it’s a pretty special time.

6. Your First Contraction/Push

Or first incision, if you’re having a C-section. Regardless of how you deliver your child, there will be the moments in your delivering experience that will feel pretty momentous. And hopefully, your birth experience will be one that you look back on with positivity. And I think the best part of this particular milestone, is that you have your baby as result.

7. Choosing a Name

Like the gender reveal, the name choice may come earlier in the pregnancy process or after your baby is born. Either way, it’s a big deal. And there’s nothing more satisfying than the moment where you and your partner come together and agree on a name. That moment where it clicks and you know it’s the right name is pretty great.

What are some of your favorite unforgettable pregnancy milestones? 

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