Boost Energy During Pregnancy

Boost Energy During Pregnancy

It’s normal to feel more tired than usual during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester, but you don’t have to hibernate completely until your baby arrives. There are several ways to combat excessive fatigue and get some energy back. Follow these tips to help boost your energy during pregnancy.


Dehydration is a very common culprit of fatigue, and during pregnancy, your body needs more fluid to maintain its processes and help that baby grow. But here’s a pro-tip: prioritise drinking water in the morning so that you can cut yourself off before bed to prevent those frequent late-night bathroom breaks that interrupt your sleep.


Getting your heart pumping and blood flowing can help combat fatigue and give you a boost of energy. It’s generally safe to continue whatever exercise routine you had prior to pregnancy, but be sure to consult your doctor about safe exercise during pregnancy. Many pregnant women find a daily walk beneficial, and other safe forms of exercise during pregnancy include prenatal yoga and water aerobics.


Listen to your body when it needs rest, it’s working overtime as it grows your baby. Take naps as needed, even during your lunch break if necessary. Don’t just rest more, however, rest smarter. Set yourself up for comfortable and restful sleep by using a pregnancy pillow, making sure your room is dark and free of distractions, and avoid eating before bed to dodge heartburn. 


Your iron requirement doubles during pregnancy, but around 12% of all pregnant women in Australia experience iron-deficiency anaemia, according to the World Health Organisation. Anaemia is a major culprit behind fatigue, so taking your prenatal vitamin and eating iron-rich foods is essential to battling fatigue.


In addition to iron-rich foods, try to incorporate foods that give you sustained energy. Foods high in protein and fibre, like nuts, can help you feel fuller longer and give you extended energy, as opposed to processed and sugary snacks that can contribute to your fatigue.


Stress and anxiety can make you flat-out exhausted. Pregnancy can heighten your anxiety and hormones, so make a concerted effort to manage your stress every day. You can do this through various forms of meditation, listening to music you like, writing, or anything else that calms and centres you. If you feel overwhelmed, change your routine and delegate or drop responsibilities. It’s okay to take on less in order to feel better.

What helps you feel more energetic?

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