Fun Indoor Activities for Your Bub

Fun Indoor Activities for Your Bub

Sometimes winter weather can be a downer. Especially if you have a bub. If it’s cold, snowy and otherwise dreary, we’ve got your back. Below are six ideas to help get the ball rolling.

1. Create an impromptu “band”

Get out your pots, pans and kitchen utensils and let your bub discover new noises. Try to see what different sounds you can create using different materials. If you have Tupperware containers with lids, try filling them with different items like dry rice, lentils or beans and shake them for more noisy fun.

2. Finger painting with baby food

Put your bub in her high chair and put two different colors of baby food in different tins. Let your bub explore the textures, and don’t worry if she decides to lick her hands.

3. Make a sensory play area

Create a sensory play area by using flour and cornmeal. Let your bub feel the difference in textures and explore. Add water to the mix to create more goopy fun, and then add a drop of food coloring to see what happens next. And then throw your bub in the bath for even more fun…

4. Give bub a bubble bath or have a swim in the tub

Have fun with your bub in the bathtub. Fill it with bubble bath and also bring in a bottle of bubbles to create a bubble room. Or, if bubbles aren’t your cup of tea, put on your swimming suits and bring some toys to play with. Pretend you’re at the beach or swimming at your favorite pool.

5. Build a fort or maze of pillows

Grab some blankets, pillows, a chair or two and some toys, and create a fun fort. Read your favorite books, or take a nap. If your child isn’t in the mood to snuggle, create a fun maze to crawl through, with some of your little one’s favorite toys or snacks at the end of the maze.

6. Take a trip to the library

Libraries are the best. If you need to get out of the house, but still stay inside, visiting the library is a great option. Bonus points if your local library is hosting story time.

What are some of your favorite indoor activities to do with your bub?

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