How to be a supportive partner during labour

How to be a supportive partner during labour

You’ve waited nine months to meet your child, and now the moment has arrived. While your partner will be doing the actual labouring, she will definitely need your support. There are a lot of things she’ll have to focus on, so you need to be prepared to step in to help. Below are some ideas on how to be a supportive husband during labour.


Be aware of the birth plan in advance and know what your partner’s expectations are. Make sure you’re communicating with the nurses and doctors involved in her care and speak up when necessary. Always feel free to ask your own questions if you’re feeling unsure about what’s happening.


Trust me, your partner will want to see some documentation of her labour and delivery after your bub arrives. So, whether it’s filming, taking photos or a combination of both, try to capture the moments that you think will be meaningful to her and to you.


Said support could be holding her hand, her leg or giving her a pep talk (or knowing when NOT to give her a pep talk). It’s bringing a game to play once she’s had her epidural or steering yourself to help her through a drug-free birth. It’s making sure her favourite playlist (and a backup charger) is ready to go.


If your partner is planning on breastfeeding, it’s best for her to give the first feeding soon after birth. So, come prepared with some knowledge and be ready to offer a helping hand, if it’s requested. Small things will be appreciated, so do what you can, when you can. Bub will be heavily dependent on mum for the first few months so look for ways you can support her. For example, you could bathe bub to give mum some time to herself, especially while she’s recovering. You can also take this quieter time to notify friends and family of your child’s birth and manage the flow of visitors according to your partner’s wishes.


Once your bub is here and your partner is recovering, take the opportunity to spoil her a little bit. Bring an arrangement of her favourite flowers, or takeout from her favourite restaurant. Be thoughtful and try to celebrate this wonderful moment. She will definitely appreciate it.


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