How to swaddle bub

How to swaddle bub

If you’re an expectant parent then no doubt you’ve got a pack of swaddling blankets or muslins ready to go, but perhaps you haven’t mastered the art of swaddling just yet.

Swaddling bub is great way to keep them warm, comfortable and settled. As you may know, newborns can startle themselves with their own reflexes and often this leaves them feeling unsettled.

Not to worry! We’ve got your back. Below, we’ve compiled a quick how-to which will teach you the simplest way to swaddle bub.

  • You’ll need a square, thin blanket. These are known as swaddling blankets or muslins. If using a different blanket, ensure it is lightweight, so as not to overheat your little one.
  • Lay it out on a flat, comfortable surface. Position it like a diamond and fold the top corner down.
  • Place baby on their back with their neck on the fold of the blanket and their head sitting just above it.
  • Hold baby’s right arm down and fold the left corner of the blanket across their body, tucking it under their back on their left side.
  • Hold baby’s left arm down and pull the bottom left corner of the blanket across their body and up over their left shoulder. Tuck any extra blanket behind their left arm.
  • Bring the remaining blanket straight up to ensure the swaddle is taut then pull it across your baby’s front and around their back.
  • Remember that while it’s good for the swaddle to be firm, ensure bub can still bend their hips. You want the swaddle to feel secure but no too tight.
  • Pat yourself on the back because you now know how to swaddle!


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