Investing in Peace of Mind for 2021

Investing in Peace of Mind for 2021

With 2021 in full swing, savvy parents are exploring smart solutions to help deliver the best to care for their little ones. With its ability to track a sleeping baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels, the Owlet Smart Sock 3 is definitely a smart device that parents need in their lives. Here’s what a seasoned tech reviewer had to say about it. 

Towards the end of last year, M, the lead reviewer at Craving Tech was invited to test out the Smart Sock 3.  His site is well-known for providing commentary and reviews on the best gadgets that help everyday life. He had previously tested the Smart Sock 2 and was impressed by the device. As a parent with a 7-month year old, he was excited to find out the new and improved features with next generation Smart Sock 3.

 One night, M and his wife were hosting dinner to celebrate the festivities and had invited friends to their house. After putting their baby down for the night, both parents went downstairs to tend to their guests.

Mid-way through entertaining, the Smart Sock base station suddenly let out a loud warning along with a clear red notification on his smartphone – low oxygen level!

Racing upstairs, the parents found their newborn lying face down on his toy pillow, with an oxygen level below the healthy range. Quickly repositioning their son on his back, both M and his wife heaved a huge sigh of relief. 

With the Smart Sock 3 on the job, M and his wife can rest easy knowing that their baby's live readings are being tracked, even while they are asleep.

Tracking your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate – the best indication of your bub’s health, while they sleep, lets you know when your baby needs you. Parents now can feel more confident, more freedom, and peace of mind knowing that Owlet is here to help keep you baby safe.

Disclaimer: The Owlet Smart Sock is not a medical device and is not intended for use or replacement of a medical device. It is meant for healthy babies up to 18 months of age and the notification thresholds are not as stringent as a medical monitor.

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