Nursery trends and baby safety

Nursery trends and baby safety

We love new style trends and a beautiful nursery as much as the next person, but when it comes to bringing baby home, there's few things to consider. Bub’s safety is the number one priority, so it’s important to understand what might be a hazard and tend to it before your little one enters the world.

 Looking around your home, it might feel like everything is a hazard. Don’t be too hard on yourself, put it into perspective and ask for a second opinion if you’re not sure. To help you out, we’ve compiled a few of our tips below.

Fairy lights – Recently, we’ve seen a lot of fairy lights on cots making the rounds on Instagram - as a stylish addition to bubs nursery. There’s no denying that fairy lights look beautiful, but they do not belong on bub’s cot. In fact, they’re quite dangerous, posing a choking and burning hazard.

Wall decorations – Wall decorations can brighten up a nursery and give it some character, but you need to be smart about where you hang them. Steer clear of putting things on the wall over bub’s cot or the changing table. Instead, hang them near the dresser or on a wall with clear space below it. That way if they fall, bub is out of the way.

 Unsecured furniture – Unsecured furniture is one of the biggest risks to small children. Ensure that any dressers, heavy mirrors or external closets are secured to the wall. Babies and toddlers love to climb and pull on things so it’s important to ensure your furniture is secured to the wall so it can’t topple over and put bub at risk.

 Pillows, blankets and toys – Again, pillows, sheep skins, toys and throw rugs are making the rounds on Instagram as decorations for bub’s crib. They might be plush and pretty, but such items aren’t compliant with safe sleep guidelines. It is imperative that bub’s crib is free of pillows, toys and blankets as these pose a risk of suffocation.

When furnishing your nursery, think of what bub can do now and what they will be able to do in a few months. This will help you stay ahead and on top of any hazards that might come as they get older. For example, while bub is a newborn, blankets aren’t safe. Largely because they don’t have the ability to move them out of the way if they’re too hot or it’s covering their face. But when your little one is two or three years old, they can lift their head, roll over, or push a blanket off if they experience any discomfort.

Children grow quickly and your nursery needs to adapt to keep them safe. When buying furniture and decorations, always make safety the number one priority and then consider things like style, price, durability and the rest.

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