Owlet’s App – Additional Features

Owlet’s App – Additional Features

Did you know the Owlet App allows you to do more than remote monitoring and Heart Rate and Oxygen level tracking? Here are some features of the Owlet app that you may not know about:

Check Battery Life

Wondering if you’ll need to charge the sock before nap time? You can check the battery life in the app. Just go to settings and at the bottom-left corner of the page and you will see a percentage charge left in the sock. Note: Make sure the sock is NOT plugged into the Base Station when you check for battery life. Otherwise, the app will just say “Charging” to indicate the sock is charging.

Turn the Base Station On/Off

You’re already snuggled up under the covers and you forgot to turn the Base Station on? No worries! Just open the app up to the home page and in the left corner you will see a Base Station graphic. Just press that little Base Station button and it will turn the Base Station on or off.

Smartphone Notifications

Your Base Station is the primary notification system but just your smartphone is also designed to notify you if bub’s heart rate or oxygen levels fall out of range. You can see what these notifications will look like by going to Settings > Notifications

Adjust Base Station Blue & Yellow Notification Sensitivity

Not every notification is urgent when using your Owlet device. Blue and Yellow notifications simply notify you if there are issues in range or connectivity. If you’d like to adjust the sensitivity of these notifications, simply go to Settings > Base Station Preferences in the app.

Live Chat With an Owlet Team Member

Want an Owlet expert to come knocking on your door if you run into a problem? While we might not show up at your door, you do have access to our customer service representatives right in the Owlet app! Just go to Settings > Help > Live Chat Help and we’ll have a support member waiting to help you.

Fun Facts

You learn something new every day, so why not learn about your growing little one and read up on some fun facts? You can find all kinds of facts you’d ever want to know about your bub in the app by going to Settings > About > Fun Facts.

Photo of Your Bub

Looking at your little one’s cute face during the day just isn’t enough. Take a cute photo and set a profile picture for your little one so you can take advantage of that cute face even when they’re in the nursery! Each time you check bub’s readings you’ll be able to see their sweet face. The app will prompt you from time to time, as your little one grows, to remind you to update the photo so you don’t miss a thing. Also, don’t forget to add their birthdate so we can send you and your little one birthday wishes and monthly updates as they grow!

Add a New WiFi Network

Want to take your little one to Grandma’s and still check up on their live readings remotely from your smartphone? No problem! You can add new WiFi networks to your Owlet app to stay connected to your little one no matter where you take your bub. Click here for simple, step-by-step instructions.

Other App Questions?

Check out our Help Center on the website. Use the search field, too, to type in a specific query and you’ll be surprised by the amazing articles available to help.

If you don’t already have an Owlet Smart Sock, join the family now and head over to our Buy Now page. In the meantime, you can download the Owlet app on your smartphone and get familiar with the app!

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