Based on a true story: The Owlet Smart Sock helps mum craft the perfect sleep routine

Based on a true story: The Owlet Smart Sock helps mum craft the perfect sleep routine

Sometimes it pays to have that extra peace of mind to have a good rest. We recently spoke with one of our mums, Ash, who uses the Smart Sock for her little one.

 Ash’s son has had many troubles sleeping soundly through the night. However, thanks to the unique Owlet Smart Sock baby monitor she finally understands what her bub needs for a good sleep.

When her son was younger, he struggled to fall asleep deep into the night. Ash could not understand why and tried different methods to soothe her baby each night. She reached out to friends who were experienced mothers, read up on books by sleep coaches, listened to podcasts – you name it! But still, nothing changed. 

Then, she discovered the Owlet Smart Sock and it completely turned things around. With the Smart Sock’s sleep tracking technology, Ash was able to quickly identify trends in her son’s sleep cycle. With this information, she was then able to work out a routine for her baby, which ensured he slept well – every night, every time. She no longer had to sleep with one eye open, and she could rest easy knowing both of them would wake up, truly refreshed.

Situations like these, where parents try everything to fix their little one’s difficulty in sleeping through the night, can be incredibly tough. With the right tools, parents can have extra peace of mind knowing that their family is getting the quality sleep that they need. Ash acknowledges having the Smart Sock has greatly benefited her and her partner, as they have confidence that they have crafted the perfect sleep routine for their little one. Gaining that confidence has allowed them to sleep more soundly.

With the Smart Sock parents like Ash can make use of the insights that Owlet’s technology offers through pulse-oximetry technology to track Baby’s well-being through heart rate, oxygen level & sleep trends. These are key features that ensure that baby is well looked after as they sleep.


Disclaimer: The Owlet Smart Sock is not a medical device and is not intended for use or replacement of a medical device. It is meant for healthy babies up to 18 months of age and the notification thresholds are not as stringent as a medical monitor. 

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