Winding down when baby goes to sleep

Winding down when baby goes to sleep

Being a parent is like having a full-time job, except, you’re required to work overtime every night; your client is really clingy and known to vomit on you, holiday leave is non-existent, and best of all, it’s unpaid! Yet somehow, many say it’s the most fulfilling job they’ve ever had. It’s no lie that whilst being a parent can be a wonderful experience, it can also be difficult and can make self-care near impossible. In the midst of all the heart-warming, challenging and life-changing moments, it’s important to be able to wind down and take some time for yourself.

We’re no stranger to the hustle and bustle of parenthood. From the sleepless nights and the early mornings to the infrequent napping schedule, we know what it’s like. By the time your baby finally goes down for a nap, it can seem like there are a million things that need doing before you can relax. But it’s important to focus on yourself too. Below, we’ve compiled some of our best advice on how to wind down when your baby is sleeping.

The laundry and the dishes can wait. Not forever, but at least for now. Unless this is something that is causing you stress, just leave it for a moment and enjoy doing nothing in silence. Those moments don’t come around very often, but the laundry and the dishes? Yeah, they’ll always find a way to keep stacking up.

1. Read a book. This can be an excellent way to wind down, especially if you don’t want to sleep but just want something peaceful to do. Alternatively, if your eyes are too tired then we recommend listening to a podcast. A few of our faves include Australian Birth Stories, Honey Mums, Unruffled (if the little one is approaching toddler age), Brand New Father and One Bad Mother (for the laughs).

2. Take a shower. It seems like such a basic task but no doubt, you’ve had days where there simply hasn’t been an opportunity. Well now is your time to shine. Lather that shampoo up!

3. Make a meal or a cup of tea. Either way, sit with your feet up and marvel at the fact that you a) don’t have to share and b) actually get to enjoy it while it’s still hot. But most of all, be sure to listen to the sweet sound of silence.

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