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Your Infant’s Size and Growth Timeline

Your Infant’s Size and Growth Timeline

All bubs are unique and grow at their own pace. However, it’s always a good idea to be aware of a few baselines and benchmarks for size and growth. At each well-child check, your pediatrician should be providing you with growth charts for your child for weight, height and head circumference (you can find these charts here), but sometimes said charts can be confusing. To simplify the process, we’re going to break down the averages (50th percentile for each category) below. These averages are all based off of the World Health Organization’s standards, and as such, are divided by gender.

Age Length Weight Head Circumference
1 month 21.1 inches 9.4 pounds 14.4 inches
2 months 22.4 inches 11.3 pounds 15 inches
4 months 24.4 inches 14 pounds 15.9 inches
6 months 25.8 inches 16.1 pounds 16.5 inches
9 months 27.6 inches 18.1 pounds 17.3 inches
12 months 29.1 inches 19.8 pounds 17.7 inches

Age Length Weight Head Circumference
1 month 21.5 inches 9.9 pounds 14.6 inches
2 months 22.9 inches 12.3 pounds 15.4 inches
4 months 25.2 inches 15.4 pounds 16.3 inches
6 months 26.6 inches 17.6 pounds 17 inches
9 months 28.3 inches 19.8 pounds 17.7 inches
12 months 29.8 inches 21.2 pounds 18.1 inches


Remember that these numbers are just averages; the most important thing is that your bub is growing at a steady pace. And never be afraid to consult your pediatrician if you have any questions or concerns about your little one. Your pediatrician should always be your number one resource.

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