We have made it our mission to tell anyone and everyone who will listen about this product.

We have made it our mission to tell anyone and everyone who will listen about this product.
My husband and I are first time parents, and with that comes A LOT of anxiety and uncertainty. We looked at the Owlet Smart Sock my entire pregnancy and questioned if we would ever really use it. 

Our beautiful son, Beau, was born weighing a whopping 9 pounds, 2 ounces and a seemingly perfectly healthy bub.

Once we got home from the hospital a heaviness quickly came over me. I cried all of the time and was in constant fear that something was going to happen to our son. Call it mother's intuition, divine intervention, I still don't know the reason and it doesn't really matter.

I had to have that Sock!! I needed peace of mind, I needed to sleep!! I have a weird child who sleeps through the night- I, however, did not! 

When our son was a week old, we FINALLY purchased the Owlet Smart Sock. We set it up, put it on our bub, and the readings were all normal. We immediately felt some relief.

Later that evening, we put the Smart Sock back on him before bed and the base station started flashing red immediately. The red notification was going off and I grabbed my phone to get the readings. Our bub's heart rate was reading 280 beats per minute. What?? How was this even possible?? We adjusted and readjusted the sock multiple times thinking the reading was inaccurate. I grabbed my stethoscope (I am in the medical field), and sure enough his heart was beating so fast I couldn't count the beats.

We took him to the ER and we found the reading to be accurate. While in the ER his heart rate got as high as 300 beats per minute. He converted out of this dangerous rhythm on his own (thank God) and was rushed to the children's hospital. 

After further testing, our son was diagnosed with SVT (Supraventricular Tachycardia). He has an extra accessory fiber running from his atria to his ventricles that conducts electricity and can trigger this type of arrhythmia. One of the many tests he had to have was an echocardiogram (an ultrasound of his heart), to check the anatomy and blood flow of his heart. Two additional heart defects were discovered as a result of this.

Overnight he was diagnosed with SVT, a patent foramen ovale (a minor hole in the heart), and a coronary artery fistula (a very rare heart defect- 1 in 50,000 to be exact). This was a lot. It's honestly all a blur. We felt helpless.

As of today, 4 months later, we have a healthy, happy bub who is going to live a long and beautiful life. His SVT is under control with the help of medication. It is the hope that he will start to be weaned off of the medication at 9 months old and will completely outgrow the SVT by a year old. (Hallelujah!) 

The coronary artery fistula completely disappeared and spontaneously closed, which only happens in about 1-2% of cases. His patent foramen ovale isn't causing him any issues and shouldn't for the rest of his life. This will all continue to be monitored. 

Now onto the important part... We love the Owlet Smart Sock. We are forever indebted to the amazing individuals that put forth so much time and effort into making this product available to keep bubs safe. 

My husband and I have made it our mission to tell anyone and everyone who will listen about this product. In honor of National Son's Day, we gifted a family we know an Owlet Smart Sock for their bub. We have also decided to purchase one every year on our son's birthday and give it to a family who is expecting. 

When you yourself have been shown mercy, paying it forward is the only thing to do. We will continue to do this for as long as this product is available. We are forever grateful that our son is here with us today. He is meant to be here and do big things! This may have had a severely different outcome had it not been for this gift. Thank you, thank you, a million times- THANK YOU!! 

- Matt & Nisa H.

These stories are from users of the Smart Sock and are based on their actual experiences. As you read these stories, we want to remind you that the Smart Sock is not a medical device. It is not intended for use as a medical device or to replace a medical device. It does not and is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, alleviate or prevent any disease or health condition or investigate, replace or modify any physiological process. The Smart Sock is only intended to assist you in tracking your baby’s well-being not to replace you as a caregiver. You are responsible for the health and well-being of your baby and following safe sleep, health, and care guidelines.

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