When I checked the app, it said his heart rate was 285 bpm

When I checked the app, it said his heart rate was 285 bpm

Monday night was like any other night. We gave Nash a bath, gave him his bottle and laid him down for bed. We put on his Owlet Smart Sock, as usual, and moments later got a red notification (something we had never gotten before). When I checked the app, it said his heart rate was 285 bpm. We wondered if something was wrong with the sock.

After multiple attempts of resetting the Smart Sock, we still kept getting high readings. We decided to call the ER to let them know what was going on as we drove there and they were quick to meet us at the door. They took him straight back and his heartbeat was ranging anywhere from 280-307 bpm. After failed attempts to get his heart back into rhythm, the ER doctor called a larger Children's Hospital. Finally, they were able to get his heart rate back in rhythm and are still trying to find the right medicine for him. They even found that Nash has an extra pathway in his heart. His pediatrician was amazed!

We are still getting answers but we are so thankful for the Owlet Smart Sock for notifying us so we could get him the help he needed!

-Chelsea N.

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