Creating the perfect summer nursery for bub

Creating the perfect summer nursery for bub

The warmer weather is welcomed by most however it’s important to ensure bub’s nursery is a cool safe haven. Designing a nursery is so much fun choosing colours, style and artwork but it’s important to ensure the space creates the best environment for bub.

 There are some simple things parents can introduce to the nursery to keep bub comfortable and safe during the warmer months – a hot baby is a fussy baby.

We have included our top tips and considerations below.  


Picking the right colour

When choosing what colour to paint the nursery walls it’s important to remember paint can affect the temperature of the room with lighter colour reflecting heat and darker colours absorbing it.

Choosing a light colour such as whites, creams, greys or even pastel colours can create the ambiance you’re after whilst working to keep the room cool.


Let the air flow!

Airflow is crucial to keeping the nursery cool; even if you have a small room there are simple steps to take to maximise airflow. As much as we love cute teddy bears in bub’s crib these reduce the level of airflow. Teddy bears can be for decoration but when baby is sleeping, they need to be taken out of the crib. 

Choosing a crib guard which allows air to flow through is also important. There are so many colourful and unique designs out there you will be sure to find one which suits your style but allows for air to travel through easily.  

If you do have a ceiling fan, try not to put bub’s crib directly under it as it can get too cold. The same goes for a pedestal fan, don’t point it directly at bub, point it in a direction which circulates the air around the room.


Quality window coverings

Windows let heat in so investing in quality blinds or curtains which block out direct sunlight will make a huge difference in keeping the nursery cool. There are even special sunscreens you can apply to the exterior of the windows to block out up to 95% of sunlight and are easily removeable.

Keeping the windows covered during the warmest parts of the day will go a long way to reduce heat transfer from windows keeping bub’s room cooler.


Dressing the crib

The sheets you put on bubs bed can play a role in keeping your bub cool by helping to regulate their temperate and allowing their skin to breathe. Materials such as pure cotton, bamboo cotton and linen are all great choices and widely available in different price ranges and designs.

When purchasing baby blankets always read the label so you can see if it is 100% made from that material or a blend. You want to avoid anything that is heavy or thick as this will trap air and make bub too hot.

Implementing these measures will help to create an enjoyable, comfortable and safe space for bub during the summer months. Be sure to check on bub regularly to ensure they’re not too hot or too cold.  

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