Owlet Smart Sock eases mom’s new baby anxiety

Owlet Smart Sock eases mom’s new baby anxiety

"As a mom of 3, I didn’t expect to have anxiety the third time around but it surely came on strong with Savannah. I decided to purchase the Owlet Smart Sock for some comfort hoping it would relieve my anxiety. It gave me so much comfort, especially the day it helped me come to Savannah’s rescue.

She was about 17 days old when I suddenly got a notification that her oxygen levels had dropped and she turned pale. I called 911 and let them know to come right away. Savannah was later diagnosed with Bronchiolitis. If it wasn’t for the Smart Sock notifying me to check on my baby, we probably wouldn’t have caught this in time. 

I recommend this to everyone with newborns, especially moms with anxiety. Savannah is 5 months old now and it still gives me peace at night when she sleeps so I can get some sleep as well." 

- Endia P.

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